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Born on the mountains of the north
Those covered by the frozen water
We were
The chiling winds of winter embraced us
Its cold arms hugged our frail bodies
Before our mothers
Gave us the warmth we wanted
Before birth our fate had been decided
To become warriors of Odin the Almighty
And with our birth
The first step to become His best
Had been taken
Our childhood nothing but farming
And training
No rest, no complaining, little food as reward
Our games and plays teaching us
The Art of War
Our struggle of survival
During the times of the merciless cold
Just another test
Of our worth
Harden our bodies and minds
For the future
As warriors of Odin the Almighty

Adults we're now
The few who survived
The harsh childhood
Slipped through the fingers
of the cold death
Grown to the finest
Among Odin's creations
Our bodies and spirits
Ready to prove to the Almighty
Our loyalty and courage
Ready to join His side
Our swords, shields, helmets and axes
Loaded onboard our ships
The Sea Dragons
Ready for the journey
To the Golden City of The Empire
To fight
For the Christian Emperor
As his elite guard

We paint our swords and axes
Red with blood
The lifeform of the people
From the desert
Followers of the Prophet
Fighting in the name
Of their God
Their black forms
Sweaping through the sand
Like a dark storm
Ready to do battle with us
Worthy soldiers they are
But we'll not give in
Thou we're the warriors of the Emperor
And Odin the Almighty
War is in our blood
Boiling of excitement
Through our lives
We've been ready for this day
Of glory
As we march on
To face the storm
Our journey to Valhalla
Soon to be at an end

We stand on the hot sand
While our enemies lies upon it
Their lifeforms leaving their bodies
Creating red rivers
On this waterless land
They fought their hardest
Earned our respect
But the powers of the berserking rage
They stood no chance against
But our victory
Not without cost
Many of our brothers lies fallen
To never rise up again
They now are in Valhalla
Sitting next to the side
Of Odin the Almighty
Ready to fight side-by-side with Him
When the day comes
Of the end of the world
The Last Battle
Between Good and Evil
Their journey finally ended
But we do not grieve
Thou we'll meet them again
One day
And when we do
We'll celebrate this glorious victory
For the thousands upon thousands of years
To come
And our deeds
Will be sung and told of
To future generations
And we'll be remembered
For all eternity
As the warriors of Odin the Almighty

An poem I wrote about Swedish vikings fighting overseas to prove themselves for the King of the Gods Odin and to show if they're worthy of glory and a place at Valhalla.
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Qwackster Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Student Writer
If this were a song, that'd be awesome.
SwedishEmperorThe1 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
Thanks that you liked it.
Qwackster Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Student Writer
No problem! ^^
elling16 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
looks like something sabaton or van canto could have written, it really is at that scale!
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